Civil War Legacy of Maryland: Its People and Landmarks — 2 Comments

  1. I remember one year when Barbara and I were up to visit. No trip to see the kids and grandkids was complete without 1 day at Annapolis.This one time we had the grandkids all sit down with the “statue” kids so Alex Haley could be reading to all of them together. It was a great photo.I really miss those visits.

    • When I lived in Knoxville, TN – where Alex Haley lived his final years. I became acquainted with the widow of Haley’s agent, who showed up at my critique group one day. She told me that when Haley first wrote his Kunta Kinte saga, the title was very long (I don’t recall what it was), but her husband (Haley’s agent) suggested that he call it “Roots” – and obviously, that was the right choice. There is also a bronze statue of Haley in Knoxville and I think they named a public square after him.

      Enjoyed your blog.

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