Through the Looking Glass — 4 Comments

  1. Such great tips. Stephen King’s writings are worth reading to get the feel of his characters, what they say, how they say it and do they really mean what they say. He is a genius for luring you into liking a character that he intends to kill of and have you dislike a character that will show up until the end. The story is the hook, the characters are the bait…choose wisely.

  2. Character(s) are the heart of any story. You can have a terrible plot, an horrific story-line, grammatically incorrect writing, and still—with larger-than-life, totally believable, compatible, and often-times kindred characters, it works.

    • You are so right, Crysa. I’m reading “Bring Your Fiction to Life” by Karen Wiesner. She discusses 3-dimensional character building. Essentially that is give your characters a past and a future as well as a present. The past provides a backstory as to why they are in the present position, and the future is what makes them move forward in the story. Thanks for the comment.

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